8/7/2017: Workshop with Patricia Apergi, La Caldera, Barcelona

7-8/7/2017: Cementary, Grec Festival, Barcelona

11/3/2017: Cementary, KLAP maison pour la dance, Marseille

8-9/3/2017: Cementary, Le Toboggan, Lyon

1-3/3/2017: Cementary, World Premiere, Onassis cultural center, Athens

19/6/2016: Planites, Sibiu International Theater Festival, Sibiu

17/5/2016-19/5/2016: Planites, Dublin dance festival, Dublin

9/10/2015: Planites, Chateauvallon CNCDC, Toulon.

23/5/2015: Planites, Interplay festival, Turin.

7-10/5/2015: Choreographic attempts, the result of the choreographic workshop with Patricia Apergi at the Arc for dance festival, Athens.

7/2/2015: Planites,Guidance festival, Guimaraes.

20/11/2014-21/11/2014: Planites, Centre National de la Danse, Paris.

8/11/2014-9/11/2014: Planites, Euro-scene festival, Leipzig.

30/9/2014-1/10/2014: Planites, Biennale de la danse, Lyon.

25/9/2014-26/9/2014: Planites, Hellerau, Dresden.

22/7/2014: Planites, Kalamata International dance festival.

4/6/2014: Planites, 14th European Dance Festival, Limassol, Cyprus.

22/5/2014-23/5/2014: Planites, International Dance Festival, Birmingham.

4/5/2014: Arc for dance festival, Athens.

21/3/2014-23/3/2014: Tanzheimer, new production, with the company of 65+, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens.

16/3/2014: Repertory workshop with Patricia Apergi, Anna Petrova, Athens.

2/11/2013-3/11/2013: Planites, Salmon Festival, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.

22/10/2013: Planites, The Place, London.

21/9/2013: Masterclass with Patricia Apergi, Hellerau, Dresden.

20/9/2013-21/9/2013: Planites World premier, Modul Dance Festival, Hellerau, Dresden.

4/9/2013: Planites pre-show, Modul Dance Conference, Tanzhaus NRW, Dusseldorf.